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5 P's for positive food

After going through a lot of research work on healthy eating, amazed to jolt down the food-related mistakes, which probably all of us are making, in our daily life. It is crystal clear that We Are What We Eat. If we cook in a wrong manner, eat in a wrong manner, chew in a wrong manner, we are inviting bad health - physically and emotionally too. It is a matter of change. Not a very big reform but few tiny transformations in our food. It is said that any change which we follow continuously for 21 days, strengthen in our mind, and become a habit. Let's try to know and fix the minute problems that we are all making AND make positive food, our habit. Only these 5 P's, will do the wonder which our heart and body demand.

First P- Purchase the food with positivity: But how is it possible? We know the mindset from which our farmers are going through these days. Can they transfer positive energy with the food which they are passing on to us? Obviously not. So it is our duty to add positivity to it. We can not usually meet the farmer directly, that farmer who is giving his sweat to grow food for us, for many months. The vegetable or fruit vendor, next door, is his envoy to us. So the words of thanks to him, no sarcastic comments on the quality of the not up-to-the-mark veggies, no cheap bargaining etc are the simple points that will add happiness to the vendor's face. And it will surely add positivity to the food which we will consume.

Second p: Preparation with positivity: The food which we eat should be cooked in a positive environment for positive energy. But how? Can we visualize the prasad which we get from the temple/gurudwara/church? How much respect do we give to it? The thumb rule is simple here. Just make your everyday food, prasad. Cook with God's prayer, positive music around, or singing bhajans/ shabads/ carols whatever soothe your mind. You will soon realize your whole food will become prasad for you and to everyone around you.

Third P: Prayer before start: Start the first bite with a sense of gratitude. The food on your plate is a blessing. It is an outcome of the hard work of many people associated. A few seconds prayer for gratitude is a must to add to its positivity.

Fourth P: Poise eating: Eat slowly with no distractions around. Remember watching T.V. along or looking at our cell phone while eating, will spoil the whole energy-releasing nutrients. Distractions at the time of eating, are the biggest demon for digestion. Make eating a family affair that will help in building a family bond as well.

Fifth P: Portion less and portion right: Eat less but healthy. You might have realized that we, the ladies spend most of our time cooking and doing all its associated tasks. Most of our household chores, move around food. That is the major reason for us, not getting time for ourself, for uplifting our knowledge. Probably we eat the whole day. We live to eat instead of Eat to live. Come on ladies, our body does not require that much. The hard fact is, the more we eat, the more time we take to digest, the more problems our digestive system faces. So eat as per the requirement, not as per the competition with others.

Let's do a thumbs up if we can make at least one change out of it.

Stay happy, Eat positively.

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