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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is becoming widespread day by day. We surveyed 10 kindergarten and primary teachers, they all are of the same view -

"Every Academic session, we have a minimum of one child in our class, who suffers from ADHD. It is hard to convince the parents regarding this issue. At times, yes, we get exhausted dealing with nearly 25-30 students at a time and at least one out of them, with either attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder. We feel awful while conveying the parents about the child's behavior in the class. It is depressing to hand over the child's incomplete classwork to the parents, to get it done from home. Parent-teacher Interactions also become cheerless at times. ADHD is a prevalent issue that is to be addressed in every possible way."

The next question arises, does a country like India, which is considered to be rich in Ayurveda, a panacea for all issues, can bring a cure to this.

Dr. Upasana Mishra has the answer on how Ayurveda can help in ADHD as -

Ayurveda is considered as the “way of life”. It involves our day to day activities like- waking up early in the morning, doing yoga or any form of exercise, eating the proper nutritious food, keeping ourselves hydrated, going to bed early. These best practices help us to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Here we are going to talk about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children. As per the Ayurveda scriptures, ADHD is the imbalance in the constituents of the human body, which results in neurological disorder often expressed in the form of behavioral disorder or learning disabilities.

Ayurveda aims at increasing the brain functions, improving concentration, bringing calmness to the mind. Along with this we also need to provide cognitive behavioral therapy, speech therapy, yoga therapy to the children to bring order in their lives.

To develop the overall personality of a child we need to make them feel positive and confident in their behavioral and learning activities. Ayurveda has various classical treatment and herbal formulations for ADHD which can only be taken under the guidance of a practitioner. But here we can discuss what the parents and caregivers can do at home:

1. Eat Fresh: For kids, we always prefer to give them fresh food which has the freshness of the nutrients. Fresher the food is, more intelligence the kids absorb. Stay away from food that has additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Include warm and moist food in their diet.

2.Balanced Diet: Please find out the allergies that your kids have and as per that plan the diet of your little one – like some children are allergic to gluten. Ensure to give your children a whole meal- include fat from nuts and dry fruits, healthy protein from pulses, egg, milk, etc. Give them plenty of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

3. Magic of Antioxidants: Antioxidants provide a rich supply of free radicles to the brain which is the most powerful food for the brain cells. Hence give food rich in antioxidants like Blueberries, Amla, Lime Juice, etc.

4.Morning and Bedtime Routines: Have consistent morning and bedtime routines. Consistency helps them to have an order in life. Sleep is the need for a healthy mind and body just like a diet.

5. Channelize their energies: ADHD kids have enormous energy in them. Channelize their energy through Daily exercise sessions, Yoga Practice, Meditations, Cycling, engaging activities, etc. Keep their creativity live and keep their minds running.

6.Body Massages: Classical Ayurveda refers to Abhyanga (Body Oiling) as one of the methods to calm down the body and mind. Start with bedtime food massages and body massage before bath. Some oil massage on the scalp also has a very good effect. Sesame Oil massages can be a part of your child’s night-time routine.

7.Home Herbs: Have plants like- Brahmi, Tulsi at home and give them 3-4 leaves every day on a regular basis and give them the turmeric milk to boost their immune system.

Ayurveda aims at treating ADHD by bringing about a balance in the body and mind with lifestyle changes and natural herbs. Every child with ADHD is special and has a unique personality, likes, and dislikes. Their way of expressing their imbalance is also unique. We need to tap the correct nerve to balance their personality.

Happy Exploration Times 😊

Information credit

Dr. Upasana Mishra



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