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ADHD in kids- an insight

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder i.e. ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopment disorder that needs everybody's attention, being mothers, teachers, or society at a large. We might have experienced, a child suffering from ADHD, but with a lack of information, We would have taken it differently. The teachers' community here could correlate it very well as the suffering kids are at their maximum disturbance mode when they are at the school.

Hard truth regarding ADHD-

2- 7 % of kids globally are affected by ADHD


Boys are 3 times more likely to develop ADHD than girls.

Symptoms of ADHD in children &

the usual teacher's response to it -

1. Unable to sit still- These kids cannot sit still and if they are forced to do so, they keep on fidgeting on their chair. Their body is never still. The teacher usually tries to give the child move-around work in the class to channelize his/her energy.

2. Interrupting behavior - Some of us have experienced the kids who always want to interrupt their peers in their work. They feel satisfied with disturbing others. Teachers usually take the help of the class attendant to take care of the child, while the rest of the class, is nicely engrossed in their tasks.

3. Unable to wait for their turn – Child suffering from ADHD, especially when he/she is at school and have to wait for their turn patiently, to play or to participate in some activity. They generally push their peers, trying to grab the first turn. They don’t care for other’s emotions. To avoid disturbances, the teacher usually, gives that child priority over other children.

4. Incomplete work- Be it classwork or homework, their work is always incomplete. Kids with ADHD never want to complete their homework, projects, assignments. They become bored very quickly and want to move further. They cannot stick to one work for long. Teachers usually transfer the leftover task to parents to get it done in some favorable time.

5. Lack of focus- Even if somebody is speaking in front of them, these kids cannot focus on the speech. So, the teacher tries to bring repetition for them or at times try to grab the child’s attention through the visual stimuli for that topic.

6. Temper Tantrums- Kids with ADHD usually become angry at small incidents. Teachers would have witnessed, a child throwing anything he is holding in the hand in any direction if we don’t pay heed to child's demand. Usually, the teacher tries to calm down the child and take the object from his hand to avoid the risk of any other child in the class, getting hurt.

7. Day Dreaming - At times, the child is excessively mute in the class as if there are a lot many things going inside the brain. Staring at the ceiling or wall or fan. The teacher generally tries to talk to the child as much as possible to bring the best out of him/her.

8. Forgetfulness- The child many times loses the toys, notebooks, etc. Frequent reminders by the teacher help the child to be a bit disciplined.

Additional Academic Support-

Additional love and care

Preferential sitting

Extended time on Assignments

Additional teaching hours

Using electronic devices for additional visual impact

Parents Support

Parents play a significant role in dealing with and treating ADHD. Required understanding and acceptance of this issue are very very important. In our next blog, we will be discussing how the parents can help their child, overcome daily challenges, and shower the best future on him/her.

If the topic matches your interest in current social challenges, Stay connected for the next blog.

Happy Parenting

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