Brand new Series: "MOM'S MEMOIR- Kuchh dil se" - featured mom - Dr. Upasana Mishra

Tell something about yourself

I belong to Odisha but settled as of now in Bangalore. I feel blessed to have a very supportive and understanding partner in my life. We are blessed with a cute little boy “Shlok” who is 3.5 years. He makes me take up versatile roles for the whole day. I am an Ayurveda Practitioner by profession and also hold an MBA degree. I am not actively into my medical practice as I want to give my sole attention to my kiddo. But I keep writing articles on healthcare and take consultations when someone needs it. I am fortunate to have a very loving, caring, and supportive family of my Parents, My sisters, My in-laws, and a bunch of wonderful friends.

How do you balance your married life and career?

Married life comes with lots of responsibility for it. I got married when I was in my Houseman-ship in Ayurveda Medicine. But yah I had a very good time as my partner is very supportive. Once I came over to Bangalore after completing my course, he helped me find my workplace and used to accompany me for my interviews as I was new to the place. Later I picked up and became a pro in the workplace. It is challenging but we used to plan our work and leisure well.

What as per you is your strength?

I feel life is so demanding, still, I believe everything is possible if we have a will to work it out. One more thing is I am a good listener, trying to understand the untold words. I try to inculcate the never giving up attitude in my child.

Also being a mom to a 3.5-year-old, this Doc momma becomes a 3.5-year-old with her kiddo, jumping, playing, singing rhymes, doing kids yoga, reading the phonics, numbers, drawing animals and it’s very joyful as we again become kids.

What’s that one vow which you take in your motherhood journey?

The vow that I have consciously taken up, “Never Force your child into anything”. Let our children explore the things on their own with our guidance and not force. This will bring confidence to them.

Do you suggest any thumb rule for the new mums or mums-to-be?

The New mums or Mom-to-be, please relax and enjoy your phase and just pour all your love your little one, keep talking to your little one whether it is in the womb or it has already come to this world. Just give your little one a lot of Touch therapy and everything will fall into place automatically.

To whom, do you want to pay gratitude, for helping you out in your motherhood journey?

First, I would like to thank my child who has been a very understanding and emotionally connected kid for making my journey of motherhood so wonderful. Next, is my husband, my parents, my in-laws, my sisters, and the beautiful friends that I have always.

Are you happy to be a homemaker or do you wish to switch to a full-time profession along with time? (if you are a homemaker)

Though I am an Ayurveda Doctor, I have taken a break from an active career to have some blissful time with my family and child. So, I am happy with what I am doing now, home-making is also as important as our careers, we are helping our children learn to build their personality which of utmost importance. Over time now I have started working but it is not full time and its just o need basis of people around me.

Can you figure out, one similarity with - your mom and you as a mom?

My mom is very loving to everyone who comes in contact with her, she doesn’t even differentiate among her children and anyone else’s children. I wish I could be like her to some extent. She was a school teacher and used to give us all sorts of responsibility which has made us independent in our lives and am trying to make my child independent in whichever way possible. Though she left for heavenly abode, her values are embedded deep within us forever.

What type of future do you wish for your children?

I would like my children to be able to do things on their own. They are the least dependent on other people rather would be always ready to help the one in need. They should be a good human being having empathy.

Happy Motherhood.

Dr Upasana Mishra

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