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Brand new Series: "MOM'S MEMOIR- Kuchh dil se" - featured mom - Mrs. Paramdeep Kaur

Tell something about yourself

Well, I am a qualified Teacher, Masters in English, was in school job for some time, left the job to settle down, proud Mom of a teenager Boy!

Founder of Param's Creative Nest and presently, working as a freelance Calligraphy Artist, taking various projects and conducting workshops and events!

How do you balance your married life and career?

To maintain the balance is very important. I try to prioritize my to-do list.. family comes first so after my duties as a wife , daughter-in-law, and a mom... I fulfill my other commitments.

What as per you is your strength?

Self Discipline,Time management and above all...An urge to fulfill my aim!!

I always dreamt of being a really enjoying being a Calligraphy trainer!

I believe...One it to the fullest!

Do you suggest any thumb rule for the new mums or mums-to-be?

Just follow your instincts!!

U cannot have any set of rules!!

Go with the flow

To whom, do you want to pay gratitude, for helping you out in your motherhood journey?

Well, I am grateful to my Hubby..he has always been a pillar of strength and support!

Blessed to have him as my life partner!

Any dream which you wanted to achieve but had to forego.

Yeah..I always wanted to be a teacher! But somehow couldn't be...but the teacher in me didn't fade away...she popped out and motivated me to follow my here I am !

Any change that you expect from your-generation parents from the earlier generation parents.

Earlier parents were more patient ....they were more disciplined...then what we are....

Are you happy to be a homemaker or do you wish to switch to a full-time profession along with the passage of time?

I am happy being a freelance Calligraphy Artist...and conducting Classes at my convenience...I would love to follow the middle path... neither a full time home maker...nor a full time professional!

What type of future do you wish for your children?

As every mother I want a settled and secured future for my son!

I want him to be self reliant and would pray to Almighty for a successful career for him.

Do you want to share a memory of your childhood which you always relish?

I cherish each and every moment I spent with my parents... I am thankful to them for the cozy and comfortable childhood they gave me!

Can you figure out, one similarity with - your mom and you as a mom?

Yeah there are many..I have inherited so many things from her sincerety and dedication towards her home and family!

That one habit of yours which you wish could be changed?

I wish I could be more carefree.... sometimes I take too much of stress ...

Do you feel - compromising on your career for your husband's job and transfer is acceptable?

Yes, it's not a compromise....its adjustment...after all it's OUR home.. marriage is a journey from ME to WE!

Happy motherhood

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