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Brand new Series: "MOM'S MEMOIR- Kuchh dil se" - featured mom - Mrs. Priyanka Katare

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Tell something about yourself

I am Priyanka Katare. I am a poetess by heart and writer by profession. My pen name is 'Priraaj'. At present, I am working with Pocket FM as a scriptwriter. I am lucky enough to my poetry published in many newspapers, magazines, and also on different social media platforms. I live in Gwalior, with my husband and two loving kids.

How do you balance your married life and career?

It was never easy for me to grow up my career after marriage. I had to take a big break being a mom and nurture my 2 sons. When I felt that my both sons are mature enough for being self-dependent for basic needs, then I started my journey again.

What as per you is your strength?

I am a very emotional and sentimental person. Because of that, I get connected with people easily. It inspires me to write poetry and stories. I always try to do my work with full loyalty. I believe this is my strength.

What’s that one vow which you take in your motherhood journey?

I sacrifice my career for being a dedicated mom. Because it was a dream that I would spend my whole time with my kids in their initial years and make them enjoy their childhood completely.

Do you suggest any thumb rule for the new mums or mums-to-be?

Always try to be happy, because nothing is more important than your motherhood. If you are happy then only, you can pass on your happiness with your kids.

To whom, do you want to pay gratitude, for helping you out in your motherhood journey?

First of all to my mother, who gave me beneficial advice from time to time. After that my mother & father-in-law and my husband who always tried to give me care and made me feel amazing especially during my pregnancy.

Any dream which you wanted to achieve but had to forego.

I wanted to do a Ph.D. in mathematics, had to forego. At present, my biggest dream is to write a best seller novel and get it published asap.

Any change that you expect from your-generation parents from the earlier generation parents.

Earlier generations of parents were a little strict but I think they had more patience to solve their children's issues. I expect the change from my generation's parents that they should focus on their kids. Being a parent is a priceless gift from god. So we should pay full attention to parenthood.

What type of future do you wish for your children?

I just want that them to be great human beings. They are free to do whatever they want to, but it is necessary that they should never forget their moral values.

Do you want to share a memory of your childhood which you always relish?

In my childhood, my all memories are with my elder sister Chandrika Tripathi. Whenever I need help she was always with me. Even for any problem in my school, she always came with me and protected me like a brother.

Can you figure out, one similarity with - your mom and you as a mom?

Yes, there are so many similarities. The most important which I could relate is, she always tried to equip me with moral lessons and so do I, with my kids.

Happy motherhood

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