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Does your child ask too many questions?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

So challenging it is to be a good parent to toddler.

The parents go through a roller coaster ride..

Every day is challenging.. They are not sure that the parenting style they are following, is good for the child upbringing or need to be modified. Lets look at the teacher's perspective to look at the parents queries.

Query- My toddler asks too many questions? What should I do?

The quick tip for this is - Be the Google to your child.

Answer your child's every query at the earliest.

Remember - Best learning comes with the questioning.

Encourage your child to question every small doubt.

Watch this video made by a teacher and learn -

How many questions from a child, are acceptable?

How to answer them?

What not to expect from your child's teacher?

Why a school cannot be held responsible for satisfying the inquisitive mind of toddlers?

After watching this video, do comment with your views on it.

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