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Five interesting facts about Human Brain

1) Chhota packet badha dhamaka- Cerebral cortex, the part of the brain which thinks the maximum, if unfolded, can be flattened to a 2 feet square.


Isn't it!!!

2) Bachha tha toh achha tha - Psychologists say that when a child takes birth, the brain is in ID( /Id/) phase which cannot differentiate fantasy from reality. Then it entered in Ego phase, which understands reality and find logic in everything. Then comes the super hero mentality which says I am the most intelligent of all. HAHAHA- The Don mentality. Wish the ID phase never ends.

3) Arabon hai mere dost - Believe it or not, our human brain has a web of around 100 billions neurons and these neurons talk to each other.

4) Rang badlti kaaya: It is shocking to know that this part of our human body, is grey colored when it is outside the head and pale red colored when it is inside the head. Astonishing!!!

5) Chal gam bant le aadha aadha : Right and left brain performs different functions. So sweet of them not to over-burden each other.

Hope the readers have enjoyed this one minute read and gained insight about human brain.

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