Happy International Women's Day- Women Day Quotes And Cards

To salute wonderful women, here are some fresh quotes and freshly made cards.

Copy and send it to all the beautiful ladies you know.

1) You are Beautiful in every attire.

You are graceful on every occasion.

You are best-fitted for every job.

Your magic makes a house, home.

You are a woman.

Happy Women's day

2) God made you so strong to bear birth pains.

God made you so emotional to cry at the pain of others.

You are a woman.

Happy Women's day

3) You Are A

W-Wonderful Wife

O-Outstanding Daughter

M-Mystical Professional

A-Angel Mom

N-Noble human being

You are a woman.

Happy Women's day

4) तू है अनमोल,

तू है अपराजिता,

तू है तो दुनिया है,

तुझ में ये जहाँ समाया है।

नारी तुझे सलाम!!

Happy Women's Day

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