Recipe Name : Dates & Nuts Ragi Malt  / Dates & Nuts Finger Millet drink

Finger millet increases bone strength, good for diabetic people, it is rich in iron, calcium, and amino acids which is good for growing kids. It is very easy to prepare this ragi malt using ragi powder, you can also prepare ragi powder by frying ragi/ finger millet and powdering it in a mill. You can also prepare it with sprouted ragi flour. It is very healthy for growing kids, it increases bone strength. It is also very useful for pregnant ladies to have finger millet during & after pregnancy.  Lactating mothers are recommended to have finger millet in their diet, in order to improve milk production.


Ragi flour - 2 tsp dates - 7 cashew nuts - 10 almonds - 10 raisins - 5 to 10 (optional) milk - 2 glasses jaggery or brown sugar or sugar - 1/4 to 1/2 cup( add according your taste) elachi powder - 1/2 tsp


1) Boil 2 cups of milk, soak dates, cashew nuts/ kaju and badam/ almonds in hot milk for 10 milk or powder almonds,  dates and soak dates in hot milk. 2) Grind the soaked dates, cashew nuts and badam coarsely(if you serve it to toddlers or elders(for old age ppl you   can prepare fine paste) and keep it aside. 3) Take 1/2 glass of water in a glass or cup, add 2 tsp of ragi flour in it. Mix it well without any lumps and keep    it aside. 4) Boil 2 glasses of water in a pan or vessel, add the above prepared ragi mixture in it and boil it on low flames till it becomes thick. Mix it continuously so that we will get a smooth texture without any lumps. 5) Now add prepared dates and dry fruit paste,boiled milk, jaggery or sugar or brown sugar (add according to your taste), elachi powder and mix everything well. 6) Mix the above well without any lumps and boil it for 2 minutes on low flames. 7) That's it our ragi malt is ready to decorate it with some chopped dates and dry fruits. You can serve it hot or cool,  ragi malt turns thick after some time. Add boiled milk or boiled water and serve. I always serve hot with some chopped almonds and kismis/raisins on it. Thank You,

Aruna SarasChandra :)

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