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Yes, you heard it right. This dish is made with bottle gourd, which is next to impossible for making coming generation, to eat. To be very honest, this dish was accidentally made one fine day. I always wanted my kids to eat all the healthy veggies. But bottle gourd, listening to the name itself, my son used to make weird faces and always asked Maggie as a substitute lunch. But yes, I did it. Now, he has named it as MacD's feast. So let's see what do we need for it -

Bottle gourd - 1 big piece

Besan - 7/8 spoons

Asafoetida(hing) powder - a pinch

Salt, red chili powder as per taste

Oil to fry

and that's it.....

How to make -

Peel the Bottle gourd and grate it all in a mixing bowl. Add hing powder, salt and red chili powder. Add one spoon besan to it, mix it well. Then another spoon of besan and subsequently rest of spoons. Mix it nicely. Start making medium-sized balls by picking mixture with one hand and putting on the other hand. And Then keep the balls in a plate. The trick here is no water in the batter and be quick in your process, else the bottle gourd shreds will start leaving moisture. If in case, it sticks to your hands while making balls, sprinkle some water on your both hands.

Fry the balls in any vegetable oil in a deep pan. Keep the flame on sim initially and then on medium.

The yummy fritters are ready to eat with tomato ketchup and plain mayonnaise mixed with oregano which is purely optional.

Happy Healthy Eating.

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