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HEALTHY RECIPE CONTEST by themomsorchid: Mrs VANDANA KHATRI JAGGI -Wheat veggie kachori&sill chutney


Wheat flour 1 cup

Boiled pottatoes 2

1 cup grated cauliflower

2 cpasicum finally chopped

1 cup Green peas

1 handfull Green chillies

3 chopped onion

Salt to taste

Black paper to taste

Origano 2 spoon

Take wheat flour in bowl,add boiled mashed potatoes add 2 spoon oil salt,pepper and oregano as per ur choice Kneed dough. Keep it side for 10 mins.. Now prepare stuffing Take 1 spoon oil in non stick pan add chopped onion and green chillies...let it fry for 1 min add green peas and then stir for 1 min add cauliflower now add salt ,pepper and oregeno and keep it side after switching off the flame...

Now make kachori Take 1 ball shape dough make thin chapati and spread this stuffing and roll it out then cut this roll in equall 5 part and do each part press towords hollow part and shape like kachori... Now tak pan non stich pur 1 spoon oil and shellow fry this til it turn golden brown... It's ready ..

Sill Ki chatni Take 2 small onion, raw mango green,1 pievce temerind,1 handfull coriender leaves ,6-10 leaves mint ,jeera 1 spoon. Salt and red chiili powder 1 pinch ... Just make paste over stone sill and make it rough... Ur chatni is ready... Its low calorie snacking which is made up of wheat flower and veggies full of nutrition ...

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