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Initiate Meditation

Initiate Meditation

Do you consider yourself in the category of people who always wanted to do meditation, but the feeling that -"It is not my cup of tea" stops them?

If yes, then it's time to take the first step today. Let's keep the foundation stone for the building of self-peace. Let's reconsider our inner- strength which lies within us.

What do you require -

Willingness to start, that's it. (Remember one thumb rule- Nothing can stop you today)

Let's go-ahead -

1) Select a silent place in your home.

2) Shut the door and windows to avoid disturbance.

3) Fix the cotton puffs(optional) in both ears to detach yourself from outer noises.

4) Sit with your back straight. If you are not comfortable, without support. Take support and sit. Select any one position of your choice from below -

6) You are good to go. Start concentrating on the middle section of your forehead with closed eyes. You will imagine a circle. Everybody would visualize different colour, different size of the circle. Spend sometime with this visualization.

7) Now, follow your breath going inside from nose, then to throat, chest, stomach, till belly button. Let the breath go in the natural flow.

8) Repeat following of breath process, as many times as you can, just be at ease.

9) Now inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth with chanting of any of your comfortable word - Om, Onkar or only aa(आ).

10) Repeat it as many times as you are comfortable.

11) Rub your palms until they are warm, put your warm palms on your eyes, your forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, arms, and legs.

12) Slowly open your eyes.

13) Tell yourself, the first day of meditation was amazing, I am feeling fresh. I feel as if I have more energy than earlier. I feel everything has become more beautiful than earlier.

14) Look at the clock. If you gave five minutes for meditation today. Then say," Today I did it for five minutes. I did a great job. I am proud of myself. Tomorrow I will do for some more time." You will automatically increase concentration span day by day.

Important tips-

A) Fix one time in a day. Preferably, when you know there is the least disturbance in the home.

B) Convey it to all the family members,"It is my meditation time. Don't disturb until and unless it is very important. I will come out of the room, by myself."

C) Don't think about what others would say. Once you bring the positivism in yourself, that positivism will surely got spread and everybody around will start following your path.

D) If you have a child at home, it is not an excuse. Rather, you can make him/her participate as well, if he/she is aged 4 and up. Kids always enjoy learning something new. And certainly, it would help them in future. If you have a small baby, the beauty lies in the best utilization of his/her nap time or "meditating with a baby in the lap" is also not a bad idea.

E) Don't forget your thumb rule- "Nothing can stop me today."

Believe in yourself.

you are an amazing soul.

Happy meditating.

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