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Ideal Age Gap between Siblings- Real Moms with real experiences

"How many years should I wait to start planning for the second child?"

"Do I really need second child?"

No doubt, it is a big decision that may effect our many decisions ahead.

We asked mothers to voice their experience on it. Let's see what the real moms opinioned: Real moms with real experiences:

"Being a mother of kids born 9 years apart, I believe that the age gap gives you a second chance to feel like young parents again! Additionally, with the older child being more independent in the case of a large age gap between the kids, there are less things for you to worry about. Your older child can bathe himself, feed himself and even pack his own school bag without you needing to run behind him. That gives you more time to focus on the little one and steal away some time for yourself too! There is less sibling rivalry as the two of them will have a separate line of essentials; be it clothes or toys and you will see them seldom fight over these. With a large gap between kids, develops a much greater bond of love and compassion. The older child gains respect and trust while the younger one receives ample care and protection from the older one. And as a new mum, you can count on your older child to fetch those nappies or get that lotion for the little one and this help goes a long way!"

-Mrs Kavita Sharma

An Author and a mom of two

"I feel that the ideal age between siblings should be 2-3 years. I think so because while you’re already taking care of your first one, like changing diapers, teaching them to eat, potty training etc, you can might as well plan for the second one and get done with it 😄 I guess the more you wait the more prolonged your decision for the second one gets. Also when you wait too long you get comfortable as your little one has grown up and has almost picked up a few things and has become independent which makes you feel relaxed and going back to the idea of getting pregnant again seems like a nightmare 😁 "

All said and done, I’m still waiting to plan for the second one while my daughter turned 5 this year. I wish I had planned this before COVID-19 😆"

- Mrs Soniya

Mom to a princess

"My two children have 8 years age difference.

when I got pregnant with the second one it was like “redo from start “ but it helped me in way as I had extra patience and tolerance level

As for kids age gap doesn’t seem like going easy they still have those silly fights for tv remote or who is mumma ‘s favourite.

They can still go to lengths to prove the other one is adopted or picked from garbage 😊

But personally I feel one should have two kids if their is no medical conditions ofcourse with just a hope that they will have each other when we are gone ❤️"

-Mrs Namita Pandey

Mom to Aparna and Aniruddh

"My two boys are 10 years apart. I feel this difference is huge for them to play together. Elder one acts as a father figure to the younger one. So at times, I feel my young one, got three parents instead of a sibling to play with.. uff..

But that silly fights that are generally seen between siblings are rare. So I am at peace. And the young one is learning automatically from his big b. So things go easy for me. And me at the age of 40, I feel younger, to be the mom of young one 😀"

- Jaspreet kaur

a mom of two boys

"Bachon mein prem bhav bana rahe, is liye kam se kam 3/4 saal ka gap jaroori hai. Agar yeh gap kam hota hai to woh ek dusre ko competitive samjhane lagte hain. Meri sirf ek hi beti hai 6 years ki, abhi agar mera dusra baby hoga toh wah dono aapas mein achhe se reh sakte hain. Ek baby hona bilkul bhi sahi nahi hai kyunki unhein rishton ki samajh nahi aati aur woh akela rehna pasand karne lagte hai. Unhein har cheej par ekaadhikar ki aadat ho jaati hai.''

- Dr Teena Rao

a writer and a poetess

" I have twin boys. First few years were a big roller coaster ride for me. But now that they are 10, my life got settled. They give company to each other for everything. And I am free to explore and restart my career. I always feel if I would not had twins, I would certainly go for the second baby after around 5 years, certainly not more than that."

- Mrs Subhangi Garg

Proud mom of twins

Hope it would have helped the moms who are making up their mind for the second child.

Happy Motherhood

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