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Key Takeaways from The Inspiring Indian Woman- Mrs Deepa Malik

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Some people inspire us, Some people inspire us a little more, and some people inspire us that much that we go in every depth to know about them. The same is the case with Padma Shri Mrs.Deepa Malik. I read about her, researched about her for many days, and came to know a lot of plucks about her life, which made me think. WOW! COURAGE HO TO AISA!

Mrs. Deepa Malik is a beauty on wheelchair. "No Medical issue can stop me feeling beautiful." gorgeous Deepa quotes.

At a very tender age, Deepa was diagnosed with Spinal Cord Tumor. The courageous young girl underwent surgery, not only survived with it but shine brightly with the participation in various beauty contests.

After a few years again, she felt the re-occurrence of the problem. But she didn't take a halt. The judges of the Beauty contest could make it out that Deepa was dragging her leg on the stage. But her beautiful answer, "No medical problem can stop me to feel beautiful." touches everybody's heart and helped her won the contest.

At the age of 30, she was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor of three times density than earlier. Underwent surgery again. The series of surgeries led to full damage to the spinal cord. Her lower body got paralyzed with 183 stitches on the shoulders, she had been on a wheelchair since then.

With these many physical issues, Courageous Deepa Malik didn't keep on blaming her destiny of a series of wrong happened with her. She challenged life in a beautiful manner. Deepa quoted these challenges audaciously-

"Jindagi, tumne yudh bana kar di to kya,

Haar maan kar hathiyaar daal dungi?

Mein to virangana hun,

datt kar jeet ko sang kar lungi."

"Life, you made my life a war, so what Will I give up? I am an Adventuress,

I will win the victory."

My pen may get tired in writing, but Deepa Malik's never-ending achievements will be pressing ahead. Jotting down a few feathers of her cap-

First Indian Woman to receive the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

First Indian woman to win a silver medal in Paralympics.

Malik is the oldest recipient of the Arjuna award in 2012 at the age of 42

54 national and state awards. President Role Model Award (2014), Arjuna Award (2012), Maharashtra Chhatrapati Award (sports) (2009-2010), Haryana Karambhoomi Award (2008), and Swawlamban Puruskar Maharashtra (2006).

She holds nine records and rankings including an official IPC Asian record in Javelin, three national records in throws, three national records in swimming (backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), world ranking (2010-2012) for shot put, discus, and javelin, Asian ranking from 2010-2012.

Not only a sports diva and a beauty queen, but Mrs. Malik is also a motivational speaker too.

We Salute your Valor, Mrs. Deepa Malik. You are an inspiration to innumerable Indian Women. We usually get upset with petty hitches of our life. Mrs. Deepa Malik enlightens us to accept all the odds with a brave heart and fight like a VIRANGANA, the Adventuress.

Felicitations to you, Padma Shri Mrs. Deepa Malik, for your every achievement from themomsorchid family.

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