Key Takeaways from The Inspiring Indian Woman- Raageshwari Loomba

Raageshwari Loomba, a popular Indian pop, Sufi singer, model, actress, television host, a yoga practitioner, a writer, and a motivational speaker.

I am fortunate enough to watch this celebrity woman- Raageshwari Loomba during a webinar which inspired me to go in-depth of her success story. Her aura is simply breathtaking. I cannot imagine my eyes and ears to believe that the celebrity of this level, can be so grounded. I am not a good reader but the way Raageshwari told about her recently launched book named "Building a Happy Family" made me take its kindle edition at the spur of the moment.

I read and watched every bit of the available information about Raageshwari. Sharing with you all -

1) Raageshwari was a successful actress with her debut film like Ankhein but her interest was singing. After facing much rejection from various music companies, she decided to launch her own music album under the title- Duniya, which turned out to be a chartbuster. She followed her dream and never looked back then.

2) The twist in her life, which most likely, we all are not aware of is - her sudden medical illness - Bells Palsy - a disease of the weakness of facial muscles. It caused almost half of her face, droopy. Just imagine a singer, forget singing, but not able to speak a single word correctly. But this super lady didn't give up. She started practicing Iyengar yoga. And that too with full will-power and discipline. Within almost a year's time, Raageshwari came out of her illness.

3) Raageshwari's challenges didn't stop here. After all this, she was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Retroverted uterus- this is the condition when conceiving and delivering a baby is a big challenge. But her will power spread the magic here as well. After a few years of marriage, a miracle knocked at her door. She conceived and delivered her baby girl - Samaya naturally and that too without any medical treatment. Isn't it unbelievable?

Here are my takeaways from her positive attitude towards various struggle situations-

1) Never give up. Your will-power has the capacity to do miracles.

2) Keep an eye on -How do you spend your morning? Immediately after getting up from bed, instead of picking newspapers or surfing on social media, give time to yourself - meditate, listen to some calm music, visualize How your day should be.

3) Start being grateful for even the small things in your life. If you start being grateful for the minute things, the bigger things would rush towards you.

4) Select wisely with whom do you spend your time. You become like the people with whom you spend your maximum time.

Raageshwari's inspirational aura has touched my soul. She is marvelous in her words and her deeds.

Go through this small video clip of Raageshwari, I am sure my readers would be as inspired as I am right now.

The whole women community salute your determination, Raageshwari.

Your insight into mindfulness is truly inspiring. Wishing you success in everything you do.

With love

themomsorchid- the orchid of heavenly moms and charming kids.

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