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Letter to the mom

Updated: May 22, 2020

Believe me, my darling mom, When I was in your tummy for so long, I didn’t know how the outer world looks like. I was panicky to come out. I confessed to God about my namby-pamby state. Then God apprised me of an angel and said, “My dear child, I am entrusting you in some angel’s hands. She will take care of you in every tiny step. She will overlook her golden age to take heavenly care of you. Day or night, you will spot that angel sitting beside you incessantly. Every minute you will catch sight of her amiable aura. You will not be able to speak for a long time but you don’t fret my tiny being, she would know your every need magically. You would not be able to move for many days, but don’t dismay my heavenly soul, she would minister you for every tiny step. She will be your chef, your guide, your nurse, your assistant, your chauffeur, your laundrywoman. She will mean a world to you. You need not to dismay. She is my reflection for you. She is your mom, your angel mom.”

You know mommy, I became blithe. All my fears flew away. Mommy, When I see in your eyes, I feel serene.

You are my angel mom.

Thank you for everything you do for me. You are my dear God’s whole caboodle for me.

Mommy, I am too feeble to sing a thank you song for you.

My fingers are too small to make a thank you card for you.

My hands are too tiny to bake a special cake for you.

But mom, look at my keen eyes that try to speak that you are as pretty as a picture, as angelic as of a fairy.

Mommy, You don’t seem tired to change my nappies when I am wet at night.

You don’t seem energyless to me when you wake up after every hour to feed me.

You don’t look angry when I keep crying for every tiny help.

You are my world mommy, I adore you.

With Love

Your baby

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