Mom's Fun-Fest - Let's play Tambola

It will be a virtual Fun fest for moms to play Tambola. How to grab your tambola ticket- 1) You need to be a member of the group. Do join us - themomsorchid 2) You need to invite 3 more moms per ticket, with a maximum of 3 tickets. 3) Once we receive 3 member requests under your name. We will share with you soft copy of your tambola ticket. (Accordingly more number of tickets, maximum of 3) 4) Join us to play on the said date and time, with your ticket and a pen/pencil. 5) Google meet link will be shared with you a day prior. Prizes: 1st line completion ( horizontal) : 100/- gpay cash reward 2nd line completion ( horizontal) : 100/- gpay cash reward 3rd line completion ( horizontal) : 100/- gpay cash reward Full House completion (All the numbers in the tickets are crossed): 200/- gpay cash reward Rules: 1) You need to unmute yourself immediately and tell your name + the target you have achieved. 2) In the case of a tie, the prize will be divided. 3) Kindly don't engage in discrepancies(if any), this is just a fun game. In the end, fun matters more than winning. So gear up ladies, it's your time to shine.

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