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Mom's Memoir - Kuchh Dil Se. Featured Mom- Mrs Kavita Sharma

Tell something about yourself.

I am a working mother, a day-dreamer, reader and author, who is busy raising a teen and a toddler. I take pride in my children and find immense joy in raising kids ready to face the world, brimming with confidence and resilience. I love gardening - that is my spiritual therapy. From beautiful roses to money plants, from veggies to ornamental plants, I grow them all in my balcony garden and pamper them. I am an avid reader. My collection of books is my most cherished possession. My well-researched book on parenting - Parent - If I Can Be One! which aims to redefine your outlook as a parent, helping you take back to your life as a child and provide solutions for several parenting dilemmas, got recently published.

How do you balance your married life and career?

I have never tried to read these two aspects with an "OR" in between. For me, career AND married life - both are equally important. One thing that I have byhearted is that you can't stop dreaming, now that you are married - life doesn't work like that. Once you ahve that self-belief, you automatically find your compass that gives you the balance you need, while juggling between career and married life.

What as per you is your strength? My strength is my ability to strike a conversation - I love having deep, meaningful life conversations, with some wit and humour!

What’s that one vow which you take in your motherhood journey?

I vow to stand firm with my children's actions and behaviour. I will guide them on the right and virtuous path. Even if they falter, which they will; I will assure them of my support and unconditional love - in helping them find the right path.

Do you suggest any thumb rule for the new mums or mums-to-be?

We all learn over time. When I was a new mum, I was so overwhelmed with the expectations of being a mother and a wife that there were several breakdown moments in my life and I gave in to raising my hand over my son. And that's one thing I regret, despite making amends and promising that I won't repeat this with my daughter. My advice to all new mums or mums-to-be not to ever vent out their agony over their children and never ever spank your children - the effects are harmful.

To whom, do you want to pay gratitude, for helping you out in your motherhood journey?

I thank my family and my wonderful friends who supported me throughout my journey and continue to do so.

Any change that you expect from your-generation parents from the earlier generation parents.

This generation of parents wants to raise a generation of kids happier than ever, healthier than ever. But by applying shortcuts everywhere- giving more junk food over home-cooked healthier food, by getting them everything from the market as opposed to encouraging them to reuse and exercise creativity. We are there to hear, but have no time to listen. This generation needs to understand that raising children is a commitment and we must involve ourselves as we go on to enjoy our children's childhoods, rather than take short-cuts.

What type of future do you wish for your children?

I wish for a future wherein they understand their strengths as well as their weaknesses and know how to overcome those weaknesses. I dream of a future wherein they become successful in being happy and find happiness in being successful : )

Do you want to share a memory of your childhood which you always relish?

When I was a child, I was obsessed with the way my mother used her red lipstick to make a round bindi on her forehead. One day (and that was my birthday), when my mother was not around, I took out her favourite red lipstick and poked match sticks in it to make a red bindi on my forehead. After seeing what I had done, my mother made sure I had a birthday blast..literally....hahaha!

Can you figure out one similarity with - your mom and you as a mom? We both love hill stations and clouds. We both love watching movies on the big screen.

That one habit of yours which you wish could be changed?

I usually tend to prioritize others over myself and I see this trend happening all the time. I wish that I could change this aspect for good! It is good to be compassionate and think of others, but we women can still do this by not compromising with our dreams, health or well-being. I wish I could change this in me.

That one mischief of your child/children on which you can laugh for long.

My 3 YO tries to copy me in everything that she does - she tries to dress up like me, speak in my tone and scolds her elder brother in my tone. We all find that hilarious!

Happy Motherhood

Kavita Sharma

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