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MOM'S MEMOIR- Kuchh dil se / Featured mom - Mrs Sakshi Majmudar

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Tell something about yourself..

I am Sakshi Majmudar, a passionate independent educator. I take storytelling, phonics, English comprehension and vocabulary building classes for kids. I have conducted Storytelling sessions at Indus International School and Sancta Maria School. I take live sessions for new parents to educate them about the importance of the early years in our children's lives and how can we make the best out of it.

On my Instagram handle storytelling_with_sakshi, I suggest books, toys and meaningful online content/games for children ages 1 to 6.

I narrate stories in Hindi on my youtube channel - Chhitput Kahaniya

How do you balance your married life and career?

I am grateful to have a supportive family, they help me rise and are always there by my side. Having said that, I did face challenges. Over time I realised that we HAVE to take the charge of our time. I gave time to understand which tasks can I delegate (e.g. ordering online saves a lot of time rather than visiting the stores physically, so don't bother about spending on the delivery charges), we invested in machines which made our life smooth (e.g. having a dishwasher will save a great deal of time when house helps are not around), I learnt how tasks can be speeded up(Focus only on the task at hand, don't let your mind wander off).

What as per you is your strength?

Oftentimes people say that I can empathize with them, I suppose that is my strength. I believe I can understand human needs well which helps me maintain healthy relationships and perform better at my work.

Do you suggest any thumb rule for the new mums or mums-to-be?

Please give topmost priority to your mental and physical health. If only the mom is happy, she will be able to pour love upon others. Be strong and take a stand for yourself and your child when flooded with old school thoughts.

To whom, do you want to pay gratitude, for helping you out in your motherhood journey?

My family has been my biggest support system - my husband, parents, in-laws, siblings, house helps - all of them ensured that I stay happy and get all the comfort. I am thankful for the era I am living in, many bloggers shared about their motherhood journey, the challenges they faced and how did they overcome them. It helped me rectifying my mistakes.

Any change that you expect from your generation parents from the earlier generation parents.

Every parent wants to give their children what they did not receive as a child, irrespective of the generation. I hope my generation parents focus on imparting knowledge to their children, rather than focusing on the marks.

Do you want to share a memory of your childhood which you always relish?

A couple of my best memories is getting wet in the rain while playing in muddy puddles and carrying out my midnight artwork. I am reliving these moments with my child, we bathe when it rains and we have a weekly painting hour together.

Can you figure out one similarity between - your mom and you as a mom?

We both try to understand the WHY of every behaviour that our child shows. This helps us to resolve the issues they are facing.

Happy Motherhood

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