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Poem- And they called me WEED by Jaspreet Kaur

And they called me WEED

I endured under that dark soil for ages,

With the thirst to keek this flamboyant ecstasy.

I tarried for long and finally sprouted,

Sluggishly opened my feeble eyes to survey,

these alluring environs.

Hesitant to spread my arms,

Oh thy, the elegance in me,

I could feel, without a mirror in front.

That gleaming green tiny foliole,

Its me.

Goodness me, its me.

Two equally beautiful fairies approached me,

that deep hazel eyes,

spoke evidently for my crystallite grace.

Oh my, I arched with a blush.

Verily, its me.

They cuddled me,

with their pulpy white hands.

And.. the split second later,

They murmured something,


And all over.

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