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Story of Raksha Bandhan

Ye pyaara sa bandhan- Raksha Bandhan

Did you ever wonder why is this brother-sister bond Festival celebrated?

India being rich in festive spirit, carries a lot of stories behind their celebration. At times, we are aware of it but we don't have a clue How to go to our young kids' level, making them understand, the historical significance behind our rich festivals. And we the kindergarten teachers are said to be expert in that. Here, I tried to use the simplest vocabulary possible to touch the young minds. All the readers faculty here is suggested to watch the story below and if you feel it worth, let your kids' also go check it out.

I don't say that the kids should blindly follow all the festivals. Let them know, make them explore, inspire them to go logical. If their approach validate the celebration, let them enjoy.

- Jaspreet Kaur, a teacher and an author

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