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Thank you cards to express gratitude towards Covid-19 heroes

Gratitude is the key to happiness. In this pandemic situation, showing gratitude to the ones who are helping us, in specific, or society, in general, will give the eternal satisfaction. While we are cribbing about, being forcefully confined to sit at home, some heroes are providing us with their selfless service.

Let's be grateful to them by sending thank you cards. Our one thankyou card may bring cheerfulness on their face.

1) Thanking the doctor

That doctor who helped you or your dear ones for exigencies, during this pandemic, deserves huge appreciation. In fact, all the doctors who despite being at risk of being infected, are performing their duties to serve mankind, deserve a big salute. Send a card today to express gratitude to the doctors.

2) Thanking the policeman

Big gratitude to the one in khakee, who lives in your neighbor or you know him in person or in general.

It is time to appreciate him.

3) Thanking the vegetable vendor

That vegetable vendor, who tries his level best to serve you with the fresh veggies even in the adverse situation, deserves a great vote of thanks.

4) Thanking the nurses

The service of nurses is truly selfless. They deserve a big appreciation wave in this unpleasant pandemic situation.

5) Thanking Delivery boys

Whether it is grocery or milk or the food to the ones in need. The delivery boys are always ready, they need to be acknowledged today for their good work.

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