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The corona story for kids- Warrior kid won Monster corona

All the kids are locked inside the house. They are probably astonished Why are mom Dad not telling us to go to school. This is what a small child asked his mother, “Mom, why can’t I go to school?” ,” Mom, why can’t I go outside?”

Mommies, Do you know what answer that super mom gave to her sweet child’s question.

She said like I play HIDE AND SEEK with you, this monster corona is also playing HIDE AND SEEK with you. He is hiding outside the door and waiting for you to go outside so that he can climb on your body. This corona monster wants to enter your body and from your body to many other friends’ bodies. He is so evil that he wants to make us all ill. Once he will enter your body, you will have a cough, a watery nose, and fever. And then he will jump from your body to my body and then to dad’s body, grandma’s body, grandpa’s body, and many of our friend’s bodies.

Do you want that? Or Do You want to be a warrior which will not allow this monster corona to be successful?

The child immediately stood up like a warrior.

But mommy if I stay inside what will happen to the monster corona?

Mommy said he will keep on waiting to climb on your body, waiting, waiting, waiting. He will die and you will win. You will save yourself, mom, dad, and all your loved ones. And you will become a warrior.

The child smiled bravely and shouted, “MONSTER CORONA, I will win and you will die. Keep on waiting outside. I am a warrior.”

Like this small friend, all the kids can act as warriors to fight and win Monster Corona.

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