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The Creative Moms

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This is how the creative moms wrote the name of our group. Unbelievable imagination, originality at its best. Let's have a look at the wonderful innovations.

Made by Mrs Kulbir kaur

with Grated Fresh veggies(carrot, lemon, coriander, beetroot, green chili)

The hard work and dedication, at their peak.

Made by Mrs Vandana Jaggi

with wheat flour(spread on the kitchen slab) and rose petals.

The unbelievable expressiveness.

Made by Mrs Kamlesh Ahuja

with artistic use of Crayons.

Drawing of orchid flowers woven in a heart took it to the great level of imagination.

Made by Dr. Lopa Mohapatra

with innovative use of Pencil, Marker, Oil pastels.

The drawing went best with the mom-child combo and artistically curved borders.

Made by Mrs Seema Paul

with crayons, watercolor, Ribbon, plastic glass, water, sketch pens

The name of themomsorchid floating in the glass of water, giving it an amazing artistry feel.

Made by Mrs Vandana Jaggi

with pencil colors for sketching and highlighter for making the beautiful dress.

All the moms on this planet are as pretty as this picture.

If you are a mom and want to share your creativity with us. We would love to have you in our moms' group - themomsorchid or mail us at





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