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TIPS before you adopt a BIRD

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

It was 31st December, 2021 when we thought of adding birds to our family. It was a bit thoughtful decision to adopt the little budgies. We started from home, searched for a few pet shops nearby, and finally we brought two little budgies to our home. So happy, so contended that we have pets at home now. We name them- Bingo and Tango.

But after a few days, we realized that one of them was looking unwell. She is not that chirpy now.

On 19th of January 2022, that is, 20 days after we got them, we lost one of them. We lost Tango, a green-colored small gal.

That was the day, we realized, we should have indepth knowledge before bringing them home. So, my elder son did the full research on petting a bird. Sharing to the best of my knowledge, all that information that we gathered from the vets and the web search:

1) Make up your strong mind: which bird and at what time

Remember, a pet at home is no lesser than a baby at home. So, be very sure if you are ready to take the responsibility. Try to divide the duties well in advance to avoid frustrations afterwards.

2) Never think of abandoning them in future-

Remember, the small birds are not safe outside the house. If you are thinking, to bring them now, try them for a few days, if not liking, then abandon them in open. Yupp, you are absolutely wrong. Don't bring them for trials. Big birds or small animals, all are their enemies. These poor creatures will not survive more than a day or two if abandoned.

3)Talk to the friends who already own birds:

There must be some friends in your vicinity who are already petting the birds. Plan a full fledged discussion session with them. They will act as a real time guidance provider to you.

4) Use the power house of knowledge- YOUR INTERNET for further queries

Whichever doubt comes to your mind, let it be resolved by the 24*7 buddy- Your internet. Get all your queries resolved before hand.

5)Selecting the best pet shop:

It is only one time affair, a little more distance will not be a big deal. Again ask your bird owner friends about their experience with different pet shops or carefully read the reviews on internet. A few of the pet shopkeepers are only sitting there for business. They are not concerned to hand over the ill birds to the first time adopters.

6) Few visible signs of worry:

Tail bobbing: Too much of tail bobbing happens if the bird has breathing issue. So observe the bird's tail at least for a few seconds.

Loose poop : Birds poop is the indicator of their health. If they are passing liquidy stool, it indicates that they have digestion issue. Keep in mind that birds poop very often, after every 10- 15 minutes. so observe them for sometime.

7) Adopt in pair : Like we human, birds too need a company. So never adopt a bird alone. Buy a pair - may be two males, or two females, or if you are ready for the more in number then one male and one female.

8) Be ready to sacrifice a big space: Try not to confine them in a cage. They are happy in big area and they need space to move. We sacrificed one of our net - surrounded balcony for them. Now that balcony is a mini room for them during day time. They are in their cage only after late evening.

9) Consult a good vet for minor visible change : Remember, birds specially small birds, don't show any symptoms of illness at earlier stage. So if there is any visible change, don't overlook. It can be serious very soon.

10) Give them the compatible weather condition: Little birds cannot bear harsh weather. So, try to keep their open space closed from one side to avoid over crossing of wind. while making them sleep, cover their cage with a thick cloth/towel on all three sides as well as the roof.

11)Give them- Balanced diet: Like we humans, these birds are also not made to eat only grains. They eat fruits and vegetables. Just try experimenting with their taste. My birdies love to eat carrots and coriander.

12) Make a birdies-gym: There are a lot of birds toys available in the market. I recommend to buy some wooden toys, hang them near to each other, and then watch these little chirpies hanging from one to another. They need to strengthen their muscles. so a play area or a bird gym will be a great idea to keep them healthy and engaged.

Hope the readers will get a first hand knowledge about petting the birds.

For Anymore info, you can connect via e-mail

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