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Top 10 yummy cakes (self-baked with love)

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Cakes add flavour to our sweet tooth and colours to our eyes. Big or small, children or adults, everybody has a special desire for cake, on every occasion. Here are some cakes baked with love, by beautiful moms.

1) Gulab Gulakand Gel effect cake By Mrs Gayatri Rattan


"I baked it for Valentine's day using a vanilla sponge and layered it with Gulab gulkand filling and whipped cream, covered it with neutral gel added red color, and finally decorated with white edible pearls & hearts."

2) Chocolate Gel Iceland Cake by Mrs Vandana Jaggi


"Very first time, I tried this Iceland cake. That too, after watching a YouTube video that inspired me to try my hands on it. I am not a baker, never learnt from professionals, but my passion lead me to this beautiful catchy yummy and healthy Chocolate Gel Iceland cake. So soothing to see, yummilicious cake made with wheat flour and jaggery, loved by kids." Mrs Vandana Jaggi

3) Baby Shark cake by Dr Upasana Mishra


"Baby Shark cake made especially for my son Shlok's bday..made with vanilla icing decorated with fondant creations hand-cut and made a sea theme of Baby Sharks. He turned four so there are four sharks and it was real fun as he didn't want to cut the cake and wanted it to remain just like that. Mom's creativity for kiddo's bday..everything eatable and handmade.." Dr Upasana Mishra

4) Monogram Cake by Mrs Jaya Gabra Duggal


"Whole wheat monogram cake made on my husband's birthday with very less cream and without sugar."Mrs Jaya Gabra Duggal

5) Fruit Jelly Ice-Cream Cake by Mrs Pinky Manish Jesani


" I made this cake on Valentine's Day for my hubby. He appreciated it so much. It is most liked for its unique flavor and texture." Mrs Pinky Manish Jesani

6) Tutti Frutty Cake by Mrs Vidhi Dixit


"I generally bake a cake every Sunday for my son. He loves to watch how a cake is baked. In fact, he tries to help me by passing things, sits on the kitchen counter..When he tasted it, he said scrumptious cake, it was the word of the week in the school. It came out very soft and fluffy." Mrs Vidhi Dixit

7) Easy-to-bake biscuit cake by Mrs Seema Paul


"My son, Karan, likes this cake a lot. I just watched a youtube video and made this biscuit cake in the cooker itself. Very quick and very easy recipe." - Mrs Seema Paul

8) Wheat Jaggery Walnut cake by Mrs Kulbir Kaur


"First time, I tried this cake during the lockdown. Couldn't go out, so tried with whatever was available at home. But it came out very well. Absolutely healthy- wheat flour, jaggery, walnuts. After that, it has become the most wanted dessert in my home." Mrs Kulbir Kaur

9) Kungfu Panda Cake By Dr Upasana Mishra


"I baked it for a friend. It is a whole wheat cake and decorated with buttercream and fondant.

Kids liked it for its taste and design. And we liked it for its healthy baking" Dr Upasana Mishra

10) Rakhi Cake by Mrs Jaspreet Kaur


"Lockdown and the festive spirit of Rakhi. I wanted to bake something unique for my brother. So used fondant to cover my simple wheat cake into this Rakhi Cake. He couldn't taste it as it was a virtual Rakhi tying but I could see the happiness on his face for this cake." Mrs Jaspreet Kaur

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