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True Warriors Series - Meet the warrior kid Karanveer on his journey to win over destiny

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

12 years old Karanveer is an inspiration to all of us who are shaken with petty hitches of our lives. Karan is a born- survivor. Let's have a glance through his inspiring life story.

A baby is presumed to cry at the time of birth. But this baby boy weighing 1.6 kg didn't cry. He was diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect which is a birth defect of having a hole in the heart. This warrior baby accepted this challenge and survived without surgery.

At 8 months, it was felt alarming when he was ignorant of clapping or any other loud noise. His pediatrician advised BERA test which is for early identification of hearing impairment in children. God planned to obstacle Karan here as well by diagnosing him positive. This Warrior became ready for this reality of his life as well.

At 3 years, it was observed that Karan was not able to sleep properly and was hyper in varied situations. He got admitted to playschool. But his behavior was not similar to other kids in his class. With medical intervention, he was diagnosed with ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism. God added the weight of the obstacles on tiny shoulders. This Warrior stood up for it and became armed for this big obstacle.

At 5 years, he met with a road accident and got severely injured. The young warrior survived with the injuries again.

At 7 years, the situation was - you name a test and he was advised with that. C.T scans, M.R.I, homocysteine test, E.C.G, IQ test, Kidney test, Vision test, and many more in the long list. He was admitted to the Psychiatry Department of PGI, Chandigarh. Had Speech therapies, Behavioral Therapies, and all the best possible treatments at P.G.I. along with medications for Autism and ADHD.

At 9 years, He started showing improvement in every sphere.

The 10th year of his life was a turning point in his life when Karan got admission to Government School Resource Room Block number 2. Now he is going to a place that accepts him with all his challenges. Now he can interact with many other friends like him. He can study, run, play, and cherish many happy moments. The amazing teacher Mr Rajiv kumar and the volunteer Ms Rajni Devi added value to his new journey. We can see this laddoo-lover warrior boy in his cricket and football costume as if he is looking at God with his warrior smile and saying- "Bas tests ka stock khatam ho gaya kya dost?" ( Are you done with your stock of tests for me, my friend God?)

A big salute to Karanveer's parents Mr Gurdeep Singh and Mrs Seema Paul who stood with him for every step, held his hand on every fall and picked him up not only to walk but to run along with the World. These parents inspire all the other parents not to feel defeated in destiny's play arena. Also a sense of gratitude for his extended family for lending helping hand in every situation.

“Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon.”

Sope Agbelusi

Thanks to Karanveer's parents for sharing his Inspirational life journey with us and millions of wishes to Karanveer to shine bright like a diamond and show the true warrior's power.

Happy Parenting

If you know any warrior child like Karanveer and want to feature that warrior, in True-Warrior Series, You are whole heartedly welcome to connect with us or mail us at

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