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Unlock your Energy with Dr Upasana Mishra

The Moms Orchid family organised a fb live session with Dr Upasana Mishra, an Ayurveda Consultant with Marma Chitksa and Accupressure Expertise Experience of 12+ years. @

Dr Upasana shared plentous eye- opener facts with us on how to self-heal ourselves, how to be insightful for the big health issues in advance and to nip them in the bud. Dr Upasana has answered our queries after the live session as well, so that the information can be best utilized by the maximum.

Q-1 Dr Upasana, we have heard a lot about self-healing. Does self-healing really exist?

Yes, there are self-healing sciences, Acupressure is one among them. There is deeper science to these self-healing studies. Our own body is very resourceful and has self-healing capacity.

Every part of our body is energized through imaginary channels that run from our head to our toes.

This energy/prana/life force helps us to remain in a healthy state of mind and body.

Our body has an innate quality of expressing the status of our health by sending impulse to our brain.

Our brain recognizes the impulse and decides whether it’s a pain or pleasure.

Pain is a form of acknowledgement from various organs to indicate if they are working normally or not.

When the organs are not functioning at their best and have issues, they send impulse of pain to the brain. Minor issues are conveyed through discomfort whereas major issues are conveyed through pain.

Q-2 Doctor, when we have pain, certainly we rush to doctor for the treatment, so do you feel that we can avoid an emergency rush if we can listen to the signals of our body? How do we recognize the medical issues, at the early stage?

It depends on our response to the indications that our body is sending to us. Let’s see how do the organs reflect the status of the ailments?

Every organ has its own messenger to reflect the disorders. These messengers carry the information to the particular body part through imaginary pathways that help in energy flow.

When the body is healthy, energy flows seamlessly without any blockage, but when we are unhealthy there is obstruction in the flow of energy.

When we have a major issue, we generally get severe/acute pain and that’s a signal to address at emergency- so we go to a Doctor and address the issue with medication or treatment provided by the Doctor.

But when we have a minor issue and we don’t tend to get a pain signal but instead we have a discomfort which we generally ignore.

Here, I want to address the second type of issue – when the issue is minor and we tend to ignore it.

The question here is how do we come to know about it?

In our body every organ has a gateway on the surface of the skin to express the signal to reflect its status/condition. These gateways can reflect the status of the internal organ and also receive the external stimuli and direct it towards the corresponding organ. These gateways are nothing but the mirror images of the internal organs spread across our hand and feet.

These gateways reflect issues in the form of pain or swelling in our body.

Q-3 Dr Upasana, most of the times, we feel different every day. One day we feel low and doing nothing, the next day we feel good and doing everything, and again the next day, we feel doing the very important things only. So, there is lot of variation in our energy level. Why does it happen?

Yes, this happens with everybody, some days are bright and energetic while some days are low and gloomy.

How do we know if we are 100% OK on any day?

When we have discomfort or pain- let’s do a self-check of our gateways.

Check the points in our hands and feet, energize these points by applying pressure.

Take time of 10-15 mins apply pulsatile pressure, they start reflecting the impulse and help us identify the issue and its related organ.

When these points on the skin are pressed, they release muscular tension, enhances blood circulation in that area and establishes the blocked energy/life force/Qi flow to aid healing.

What are we doing here? We are telling the brain to check, there is an issue. Please address it.

When the brain is stimulated through these gateways, it will clear the blockage that’s there on the energy pathway and energy can flow freely to the corresponding organ.

When energy flows to the organ, it gets full focus and starts transmitting its health status.

Q-5 Sometimes we feel, if we can have an energy controller for ourselves. Is it actually possible to control our energy level?

Yes, we can say that we have energy regulator with us and our fingers are the tools we have for regulating the energy.

Here we are talking about the science of Acupressure and the gateways are nothing but the Acupoints.

And we can unlock or unblock our energy/prana/life force by energizing these Acupoints.

We are mostly multitasking in our daily activities and our energy levels are drained or blocked.

Let’s say we have an issue we take medicines but we don’t eat healthy or get adequate sleep or we don’t eat a healthy diet. Hence because of these, we don’t get the desired result in our health.

How do we energize ourselves and remain healthy? Energize your acupoints and make the energy flow within your body seamlessly without any blockage.

Before we start, we can close your eyes, take 5 deep breathes, feel the energy flowing in throughout your body.

Most important is when not to energize the acupoints- Don’t practice at night and immediately after having food.

Keep Practicing and Unlocking your energy. Stay Happy and Healthy.

Information Credit:

Dr Upasana Mishra

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