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Wonderful Kitchen Hacks from Senior Mom's diary

Our mothers are always rich in ideas and hacks. They are inbuilt in our reflexes now. Probably that time, they were putting their heart and soul in their kitchen. So they have many tips to share with our generation to make our life easier. Sharing a few hacks. Maybe we all can co-relate them with our mother's ideas.

1) We all keep the curries and dals in pressure for long after they are cooked, unknowing the fact that steam cause acidity. If used on a routine basis, we develop gastric problems!!

2) If you are going on a long journey and want to pack some stuffed chapatis/paranthas, to savor on the way. Knead atta dough with milk, instead of water for ultimate soft paranthas.

3) Sudden guests at home and demand of all-time favorite Rajmah Rice. But Rajmah takes a long time to be cooked, soaking for some hours and then cooking for at least half an hour. Don't you worry, our senior moms have the solution for this too! Take raw Rajmah, have two whistles in the pressure cooker. Meanwhile, keep the tempering ready. Open the lid of the cooker, add some ice-cubes and tempering, pressure cook for 20 minutes. And you are good to go with that finger-licking dish.

4) Adding a little cream while cooking palak(spinach) paneer, will double its taste.

5) Grease the upper layer of atta dough with a little oil and cover with a wet cloth, to avoid thick crust and to maintain its freshness level for long.

6) If we put a little water in the milk pan before boiling milk in it, it will protect the building of milk's thick layer on the pan base.

7) If you have a good amount of left-over cooked daal, and you wish not to waste it. Yes, you can make it fresh again. Take some ghee, add some cumin seeds, hing(asafoetida) powder, black pepper powder and, then some water. Let the water boil and then add that daal and let it boil for some time. Add chopped coriander leaves. It is for sure that Nobody can guess this is the same left-over daal.

8) Have any left-over chapati, you can turn it into a yummy healthy fritter by just applying some spicy besan batter. Spread oil/ghee on Tawa, Keep chapati on it, apply besan batter. Flip the side of chapati, and apply besan batter on another side as well. Cook both sides by flipping at regular intervals. Your yummylicious wheat fritter is ready.

Thanks to the senior mom Mrs. Parvinder Kaur for sharing the wonderful tips with us.

If you are a senior mom and want to share your wonderful tips with us. We would love to have you in our moms' group - themomsorchid or mail us at

*If you are a young mom and want to share the useful tips of your mom, you are cordially welcome.

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